IVIC Access and Billing are based on a three tier system.

  • Tier I: Contract work.

    In some cases, users only need a limited number of experiments performed and do not anticipate long-term IVIC use.  In such circumstances, we will be happy to negotiate an all inclusive cost for performing and analyzing the proposed experiments, including: staff effort, reporter and transgenic mice, reagents and materials, and the necessary software to produce publication quality images, videos and statistical analysis. Please contact us to discuss the scope of your project and for a cost estimate and the terms of service.

  • Tier II: Training/fully assisted core use.

    This rate is $120/hr for acquisition and 80/hr for analysis and includes a staff member’s full effort for training and assisting the user during imaging preparation set up, data acquisition and cell tracking/data analysis. Tier II users must book their appointments during standard core operating hours 9 AM – 5 PM M-F.  The Tier II rate does not include the cost of mice, reagents or consumable materials.  Users must have at least 12 hrs of fully supervised training and pass a user proficiency test to qualify for Tier III core use below.

  • Tier III: Supervised core use.

    This rate is $80/hr for acquisition and $40/hr for analysis.  The expectation is that Tier III users are capable of setting up their own imaging preparations, operating the equipment safely, dealing with minor technical issues and will be able to perform cell tracking and data analysis with limited trouble shooting and technical assistance by our staff. Tier III is available to users that have at least 12 hrs of fully supervised training and have passed a user proficiency test.  Tier III users may book imaging and analysis time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This rate does not include the cost of mice or consumable materials.

If you are a DDRCC member, you are eligible for a DDRCC supplement for IVIC services. Please contact DDRCC administrator for application. Once granted and if you would like to use the DDRCC member supplement to pay for IVIC services, please indicate it on your service receipts.

For a complete list of pricing information including mice and reagents, please download the WUSM In Vivo Imaging Core Service Reciept Template below. Users are required to bring the signed copy of PI authorization of expenditures form in order to create a user account and fill out the service receipt on the day of appointment and sign in order to use our services.