The available equipment is as follows and you can book them from the Reservations page once your account has been created.

  • Two-photon imaging system (1):  Our two-photon microscope is a custom-made video-rate resonant scanning system built on a Olympus BX51 upright electrophysiology stand with automated x,y stage and z-focus control.  The system is equipped with dual Coherent tunable femtosecond Ti-Sapphire lasers (Vision II and Chameleon XR) for efficient simultaneous excitation of both fluorescent protein reporters and traditional aromatic vital dyes, two multi-and two Bi-alkali PMTs for simultaneous 4-channel detection, Pockel’s cell optical modulators for laser attenuation and fast shuttering and high NA 20X water, 40x oil, and 20x multi-immersion media objectives.  The system is also equipped with various live animal imaging stages, perfusion chambers for explanted tissues, an isofluorane anesthesia machine, a ventilator, microsurgery tools and stereo dissecting scope.
  • Acquisition computer (1) and data server (2).  The two-photon imaging system has a dedicated acquisition computer which performs real-time image processing, controls the acquisition hardware and writes the multidimensional data files on a RAID 6 server/network attached storage device.  Data can be acquired at 30 f/sec for a single z plane or at various time-lapse rates for a specified z-stack of images.  Experimental data is backed up weekly and users can transfer their data to a personal external hard drive for long-term data archiving.
  • Analysis Computers and software (2).  The core has two Dell workstations running Imaris and Volocity software for 3D image rendering, cell tracking, analysis and visualization of multi-dimensional time-lapse data.  Each workstation is connected to network attached storage via Gb Ethernet for data analysis and archiving. Analysis computers are also running MS Office, T-cell Analyzer and Prism for statistical analysis and generating publication ready figures, as well as Adobe Premier for editing and annotating time-lapse movies.