• The primary purpose of the IVIC is to provide a cost-effective and sustainable in vivo imaging resource for WUSM researchers. The core will provide multidimensional image acquisition, data rendering, single-cell tracking and data analysis. The core has expertise with small animal surgery and various imaging preparations including:

-Non-invasive in vivo imaging of skin, oral/nasal mucosa. *Longitudinal imaging may be possible in some models.*

-Invasive intravital imaging of: peritoneal (bowel, kidney, spleen, bladder), thoracic (heart, lungs), CNS (brain, spinal cord), peripheral tissues (lymph nodes). *Invasive imaging preparations are terminal procedures only.*

-Ex plant imaging of dissected animal tissues, human biopsy tissues, cell culture systems.

  • In addition, the IVIC will provide a nexus of technical and scientific expertise to promote innovation in imaging methods/approaches, assist with the designing and characterization of reporter mouse models and assist in the development of improved methods for the analysis of cell dynamics in vivo.
  • Moreover, the IVIC provides a unique training opportunity for students and post-docs with interest in two-photon imaging techniques and quantitative multidimensional analysis methods.